Fight fading with Color Boost for New Wash!

Mix Purple, Blue or Red Boost into your favorite New Wash formula to take color protection to the next level—the healthy way.

Prevents color fade with unique antioxidant blends

Enhances the color protection of New Wash

Protects hair from UV rays and repeated washing

Restores your natural vibrance and shine

Protects color between appointments

Blue Color Boost

For Brown Hair

Keep warm brown and dark blonde hair vibrant, glossy and fade-free

  • Gently neutralizes orangey tones from dark blonde to brown tones
  • Sunflower Seed Extract shields color from damage 4x better than Vitamin E
  • Enhances the color protection of New Wash Original and New Wash Rich

Red Color Boost

For Red Hair

Refresh, revive and enhance red hair with naturally derived ingredients 

  • Perfect for the full spectrum of red tones, including vivid red, auburn and copper
  • Black Spruce Extract guards against discoloration from UV rays and repeated washing
  • Enhances the color protection of New Wash Original and New Wash Rich

Purple Color Boost

For Blonde Hair

Keep blonde and gray shades beautifully bright and brass-free

  • Neutralizes brassiness and reduces the yellowing of blonde, gray, silver and white hair
  • Contains botanical extracts that are rich in antioxidant phytochemicals
  • Enhances the color protection of New Wash Original and New Wash Rich


Cleanse your hair and keep your color going strong! New Wash is the best product for preserving color-treated and gray hair while maintaining healthy moisture and shine. Our signature detergent-free formula removes excess oil, dirt and product buildup without stripping away your hair’s protective barrier. That means less fading and longer-lasting color.

Color-Treated Hair

Dyes and detergent-based shampoos can make your hair weaker and more susceptible to damage. New Wash gently cleanses and conditions with naturally derived ingredients, fending off color fade and improving hair health. For extra protection and shine, add Blue, Purple or Red Color Boost.

Gray Hair

Gray, white and silver hair has a drier, coarser texture and can easily be tinted by styling products, pollution or UV rays. Use nourishing New Wash to keep your grays looking shiny and feeling soft—and mix in Purple Color Boost to stay bright and brass-free.

Ten Washes Later

We tested New Wash and a traditional shampoo brand with 10 washes on different hair colors, and the winner is clear: New Wash preserved color significantly better. See Hairstory’s stunning results for yourself!